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…is to make things simple accessible functional easy to use reliable understandable friendly useful passionate

Rob Nagel

Senior UI/UX Designer

User Experience is not only a matter of web design. It appears almost everywhere. As soon as you use something the experience what you have with it – subtle or not – will influence your decision/feeling. Human – Computer – Interaction is more present than ever and to make the experience a user has with the computer/app/interface as pleasant as possible is my mission. As simple as that.

Every journey starts with a reason and ends with an experience.

Hy, my name is Rob Nagel and I like to be challenged. Breaking down information to its essence and splitting it up in smaller chewable chunks to display it in a proper and eye appealing way so that everybody understands it is my job. I am a User Interface & User Experience Designer with a knowledge of frontend technologies (such as HTML5, CSS3 and JS).

An additional and complementary field of my expertise to UI/UX is Cyberpsychology. In a nutshell Cyberpsychology is about how the digital world impact the human mind.